There are two types of people who go to casinos to play. Those who want to win, and those who want to win big. Those who tell you they’re there for the thrill are not lying, but dig deeper, and you’ll find that the thrill is directly connected to winning. There is no way around this. Casinos are there to circulate cash around and around. Some people will lose some and other people will take it home. The thrill is in the win. So what better place to experience such a thrill than at a casino that built its entire business model on providing more wins than any other casino on earth?

That’s JackpotCity. More wins than at any other casino on earth, no matter if online or not online. There is a reason it shows up on any and every list of the best online casinos. There are no other casinos out there optimized to churn out wins quite like JackpotCity. It stands to reason, then that this casino named itself after its most important attribute. JackpotCity belongs to a relatively new subset of online casinos that differentiate themselves with specific niches within the ecosystem. Whereas early players, such as 888 Casino dominate today by virtue of being unapologetically a full service casino, the trend toward finding a niche means that JackpotCity focuses specifically on high yield games. The prizes are big and they hit often. And that’s what they’re all about.

So does JackpotCity live up to its name? If you look at their 98% payback percentage, then yes, they absolutely do. If you dig deeper, and realize that some games have payback percentages of 99% and a few even dare go up to 102%, then yes. You can absolutely believe it. JackpotCity is the most likely place to land on a big win. The odds are so favorable that it is incredibly hard to mess up a play session at this casino.

A question you might be asking yourself right now is if JackpotCity has such good odds and they pay back so much of their revenues, how do they stay in business…and more important, are they trustworthy? This is a two part answer. How they stay in business is a magic trick all its own. They do this by keeping expenses low. This way a 1% edge is enough to cover operating costs and with enough traffic, generate huge revenues. At this stage, they are not covering expenses, they have enough players that the casino is extremely profitable even with such a tiny house advantage.

The answer to the second question is an unequivocal YES. They are absolutely trustworthy. JackpotCity holds its operating license in the EU member nation of Malta. The EU is a notorious stickler for consumer rights and protections, and maintaining a license within its confines is contingent upon operating within the strictest guidelines on earth. It is neither cheap nor maximally profitable to run an online casino business in the EU, but the reasons to do it are the instant credibility and sense of trust the EU confers to its licensed casinos. In order to maintain licensing, the EU requires that a casino must undergo random checks of its operating software. The casino must prove without a shadow of a doubt that if it says 98% of revenues are paid back to players, the software actually pays out 98% of all the money it takes in. On top of this stringent requirement, customer service is guaranteed to be always available 24 hours a day, every day, and system security is proven to be among the tightest in the world.

The encryption systems they use at JackpotCity are so advanced that even major international banks have catching up to do. Believe it or not, your money would be safer if deposited with JackpotCity than at your local bank.

The casino is built on the ubiquitous Microgaming software platform. This means that the games are well supported, the software is track proven and stable, and the bigger jackpots, those attached to multi casino progressive jackpots, are spectacularly big. It also guarantees that there is no lack of choices in games. There are over 400 games to play at JackpotCity, making it one of the larger online casinos in the world. You might find any of the top shelf games you might expect. Hitman, Tomb Raider, and Thunderstruck II are all there, as are all your favorite table games and some of the more obscure titles you might never have tried otherwise.

The full experience requires a hefty download, which is well worth the space it takes up on your computer. It offers the best gaming experience by far. However, if you’re a more casual player, the option to play in your flash enabled browser means that you can play a more limited version of the casino from anywhere in the world. You could log in from a library, from work, or from a mobile device. This flexibility makes this casino extremely convenient for those on the go, or busy people who can only sneak in a game or two during lunch.

There are lots of online casinos out there, but JackpotCity is well worth your attention when you consider the pluses of playing with them. New players are treated to a $500 bonus deposit into their account, which should get anyone started toward achieving a big win.

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